Super Sand Castles

Introducing SUPER SAND CASTLES, the sequel to the Atari 2600 game "Sand Castles". Jack the Apple is back in an all-new adventure on Sandcastle Island. Jack's arch nemesis, the evil Reaper is back too with tons of new baddies under his command!

  • Retro side-scrolling platformer action
  • Inspired by the classics: Zelda, Mario, Mega Man, and Sonic
  • Huge non-linear world to explore
  • Uncover items, upgrades, and special moves
  • Save-game feature
  • Spiffy soundtrack
  • Blast-processing based technology
  • And of course, it's free. Download it below!

Download Super Sand Castles

Ready to play? Download it here for Windows PC - it's completely free. No ads, spyware, tricks, or in-app purchases.

Download Super Sand Castles

Have you played the original SAND CASTLES for Atari 2600? If not, check it out over at:!